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It is a high-quality blow mold, it is an oil bottle blow mold.
موقعك: الصين
نوع العمل: الصانع والمصدر
العلامات التجارية: BUT
شهادة: ISO9001 ؛ CE ؛ WRAS ؛ GSG ؛ شهادة برنامج الشعلة الوطنية
شروط الدفع والتسليم: 30 ٪ دفعة أولى ؛ 70 ٪ قبل الشحن / FOB CIF
أقل كمية ممكن طلبها: 1 جلس
السعر: تشاور
تفاصيل التعبئة: لوح خشبي
موعد التسليم: 1-4 الشهور
طريقة الدفع او السداد: T/T L/C

We are one of the most reliable companies in this domain offering PET Preform Mould with advanced mould design technology.

This fully automatic blow mould is made of the aluminum 7075 that comes form America.This product is designed with superior cooling water channel.It is suitable for fully automatic blowing machine to make four bottles at one time.




-Wide-mouth jars mould

-Cosmetic mould

-Detergent bottle mould

-Pharmaceutical bottle mould

-Soya sauce mould

-Edible oil bottle mould

-Double seam can mould

-Mineral water bottle mould

-Heat-resistant bottle mould

-CSD bottle mould



-Machine: Sidel automatic rotary blowing machine.

-Material: Aluminum 7075 and stainless steel.

-Feature: Short cycle time for production.

Customized to fit any injection moulding machine


Comprehensive training provided to customer’s technicians in mould and hot runner maintenance as well as PET processing,
Professionally competent company technicians for mould commissioning, and training at the customer’s factory,
Standard wear parts are kept in stock for immediate shipment .

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